Sunday, April 10, 2011


The point of this blog is to share my experiences trying to grow my own food, both of which I'm doing for several reasons.

The blog part is partly to keep track for myself, and partly in gratitude to all the blogs which helped me in my efforts, and partly in contribution to the Egypt Food Sovereignty Project.

As for the growing, I'm heavily influenced by the fact that my dad has been growing his own fruit and veg for a while now, but I'm also doing it for health, environmental, social, political, ethical  and personal reasons (all of which will be elaborated on in future posts). Plus it's fun.

I've just embarked on a project to grow food in a section of the communal garden of my apartment building in Maadi, Cairo, after helping my dad grow food in the garden of his home in King Mariout, near Alex. I'll be drawing on that experience as well as trying to figure out ways to grow as efficiently and greenly as possible.

I hope that the blog will be useful to anyone trying to do the same thing (if so send me a link to your blog or your contacts so we can exchange info), and show everyone else that it's easy and they should try it!

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